San Diego County Supervisor - Vote Tiffany Boyd-Hodgson District 5

7 Pillars of Our Campaign Platform

I have bold plans for North County that are people-centered and rooted in evidence:


Climate: From raging wildfires, the collapsing bluffs along our coast, and a near-constant state of drought, the climate crisis is one of the most immediate threats our region faces. The first requirement to stabilize our climate is to lower GHG emissions to 80% below 1990 values by 2030. We cannot afford to have policies around the climate that are anything less than aggressive. As Supervisor, I will push for a bold climate policy that will increase public safety, boost the economy, and protect our kids’ air and water. I have the experience to make decisions focused on clean energy and sustainability and I will prioritize equitable transitions for workers to a green economy.

  • Water: As an elected official serving on the Vallecitos Water District, I have worked to make this precious resource cleaner, more affordable, and more accessible. As Supervisor I will protect access to water, work to ensure development projects have plans to capture stormwater, focus on implementing green infrastructure to support water conservation, and promote local water resources to reduce dependence on imported supply.
  • Data: Knowledge is power, and we need to ensure ALL children have access to the information they need to be successful. As Supervisor, I will work hard to make sure we close the information gap.


  • Jobs: North County lost 25,000 jobs due to COVID-19. As we continue working to rebuild our economy, we need elected leaders who will focus on expanding opportunities for businesses and be innovative in their decisions about how to stimulate the economy through new and greener job opportunities. I will integrate green jobs with a focus on a just transition for workers and will partner with schools to emphasize the importance of trades in children’s education.
  • Housing: Our region is facing a housing crisis and the median housing price is out of reach for many North County workers and residents, and seniors are being priced out of their homes. I will encourage infill development and provide more affordable housing for young people, students, seniors, and families. We need leaders who will champion this issue and work with regional, state and Federal partners to tackle the affordable housing crisis.



  • Access: A scientist who has worked in medicine and therapeutics for the past 20 years, I understand firsthand the need for healthcare access for all. I know science gave us life-saving vaccines that are helping to lift us out of this pandemic, and I will work to ensure all communities have access to the vaccine. I recognize how COVID-19 has worsened the huge disparities in our healthcare system and will promote stronger public health infrastructure to ensure access for all.
  • Mental Health: Our region has a shortage of mental health services and facilities, and the first step in addressing this gap is to invest in public health infrastructure. I know we need to support our residents and make sure we provide people with the kind of wrap-around services and the resources they need to have an improved quality of life.

As this campaign continues to grow, so are the pillars. I am personally taking time to think about each and prepare statements on the actions I plan to take while in office. Please check back soon for the remaining Pillars.

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