San Diego County Supervisor - Vote Tiffany Boyd-Hodgson District 5


When your politics are so out of touch with North County values, you just have to make stuff up.


Time to FACT-CHECK Desmond’s Desperate Lies

1. DESPERATE LIE: Tiffany will defund the police.

FACT: Tiffany NEVER called for funding to be taken away from law enforcement.

In fact, Tiffany has called for more police presence in vulnerable areas like Borrego Springs where sexually violent predators are being placed. This highlights Desmond’s lack of leadership in keeping Borrego Springs safe when the County Supervisors oversee the Sheriff’s Department budget. Actions speak louder than words and North County deserves better than somebody looking to talk to a camera instead of taking action to keep us safe.

Hear it right from Tiffany. Watch her interview here (skip to 25:52).

2. DESPERATE LIE: Tiffany supports SANDAG’s ridiculous Vehicle Miles Traveled tax.

FACT: Tiffany OPPOSES the VMT tax and REPEATEDLY stated the proposed tax does NOT work and is BAD for North County.

In fact, Tiffany brought this up during her San Diego Union-Tribune interview (when the SDUT endorsed her over Desperate Desmond) stating that it wasn’t thought out or remotely feasible. The failed VMT proposal would have disproportionately affected our unincorporated neighbors. 

Hear it right from Tiffany. Watch her interview here (skip to 1:00:55).

3. DESPERATE LIE: Tiffany abandoned kids when she resigned from the SMYBB board.

FACT: Tiffany continued to coach a team AND sponsored another team after she left the board to support her family when a child had serious health concerns.

In fact, Tiffany served on this board despite none of her four kids being in the program and regularly had to recreate schedules because the board’s leadership gave her wrong or incomplete information. Would you want to stay on a board when you’d have to rewrite a schedule 4 times because they kept giving you bad information?

Hear it right from Tiffany. Watch her response here:

4. DESPERATE LIE: Tiffany is soft-on-crime and supports so-called “reforms” which allow repeat violators to continue stealing from businesses and using dangerous drugs with no consequence.

FACT: 18 jail deaths in 2021 is 18 deaths too many. Law enforcement reforms are required and we need to make sure our community members receive the support they need.

In fact, as a neuroscientist, Tiffany understands the importance of ensuring mental health resources are available to all of our North County neighbors who need help. There needs to be more investment in health and human services in the county’s $7.36 billion budget.

Hear it right from Tiffany. Watch her response here (jail deaths at 0:38, HHS budget at 53:17).

5. DESPERATE LIE: Tiffany supports homeless encampments in residential neighborhoods.

FACT: Tiffany supports getting our unsheltered neighbors the resources they need- especially considering North County only has 49 full-service shelter beds.

In fact, Tiffany has stated homelessness is a healthcare crisis and the County needs to have better cooperation across community stakeholders and levels of government. We don’t need the County coming in and telling our local communities what to do when we have people already on the ground doing the work. Tiffany supports CARE Court, but it’s only one tool. It’s important to remember that solving homelessness is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Hear it right from Tiffany. Watch her response here (homelessness is a healthcare crisis at 18:15, CARE Court at 24:40).

6. DESPERATE LIE: Tiffany is a tax-and-spend politician.

FACT: Tiffany is a small business owner so she knows how burdensome extra taxes are for our local businesses and will be an advocate for our communities.

In fact, North County lost over 25,000 jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic. While Desperate Desmond was downplaying the pandemic and questioning people’s cause of death, Tiffany was working with Palomar College to create an internship for careers in the water industry that will lead to jobs in North County.

7. DESPERATE LIE: Tiffany voted for higher taxes, higher energy costs, and higher water bills for San Diego families.

FACT: Tiffany fought for Vallecitos ratepayers by securing $million in refunds and she fought to avoid water shutoffs for ratepayers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In fact, while Desperate Desmond was busy denying COVID-19 deaths and the dangers of the pandemic, Tiffany was working hard to fight for her constituents to save them money. She was the first board member to call for a continued freeze on shutoffs to ensure public safety by San Marcos area residents having access to safe, clean, and reliable access to water.

Hear it right from Tiffany. Watch her response here. – IS THERE A LINK TO A PRESS RELEASE OR SOMETHING?

8. DESPERATE LIE: Tiffany’s tenure on the Vallecitos Water Board saw a spending increase of $7 million.

FACT: Vallecitos probably bought stuff or built stuff.

In fact,  sometimes you have to spend money to provide necessary services for necessary things like water.