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Frequently Asked Questions:

Dr. Tiffany Boyd-Hodgson for Supervisor

Who are you?

I am the Democrat and neuroscientist challenging conservative incumbent Jim Desmond in this race.

I am a mother of 4 who lives in San Marcos. I am an elected Director of the Vallecitos Water District and a former school board member.

I grew up in Texas, attended graduate school in Canada, and have been married to my husband for 19 years. I have worked as a scientific/medical director interpreting clinical data and educating medical professionals on the science behind therapeutic mechanisms of action for 20+ years.

My values and policies promote dignity, equity, and justice for everyone. My approach to public service is collaborative, solution-based, and data-driven. I believe all residents should be able to thrive, be safe, and have opportunities.

In my community, I have fostered dogs and cats, coached little league, led my children’s PTO, trained as a Montessori Guide, and volunteered for organizations to help domestic violence survivors, human trafficking survivors, and gun violence prevention.

What does the Board of Supervisors do?

The Board of Supervisors is responsible for providing health and human services for the county. In unincorporated places, the County is the local representative government that does what a city government would do.

The Board of Supervisors controls a $7.36B budget that includes the sheriff’s department, libraries, county healthcare clinics and services, roads, parks, water quality, disaster response, firefighting, beach monitoring, restaurant standards, elections, etc. It touches everyone’s life almost daily. It is the local government representation in unincorporated areas.

Click to check out this video produced by the County that explains what the Board of Supervisors does.

Why are you running?
North County has not been represented well at the county level, and politicians who have occupied the D5 seat have been beholden to special interests. As a result, we get fewer resources for our residents, and homelessness, unemployment, and crime are growing. North County is ready for evidence-based and solution-driven progress that improves our lives. It’s time for responsive representation so all residents in D5 are heard, and can live well, work, and thrive.
Where is District 5?

District 5 is the traditional land of the Kumeyyaa, Ipai, and Payomkowichum peoples. It spans from Oceanside and Camp Pendleton on the coast, down the 78 corridor including Vista, San Marcos, Escondido, Valley Center, north including Fallbrook to the county line, and east out to Borrego Springs. There are 8 tribal reservations in D5.

District 5 is ~2200 sq mi and where ~690,000 people reside. That’s more people than the states of Vermont and Wyoming.
supervisor for san diego district 5 - tiffany

What is your political party affiliation?

I am a Democrat because it is the major political party that most closely aligns with my values. The Board of Supervisors is a non-partisan elected body. That means there will not be a (D) for Democrat after my name on the ballot. I am running against a conservative Republican incumbent.

What are your chances of winning?

We were given a $30,000 estimate to conduct a poll of voters. I’d rather spend that money listening to voters’ concerns and talking with them personally. Math and voter registration show that we have a 5.5% voter advantage for Democrat-leaning voters, including No Party Preference voters who caucus with Democrats. That means this seat is competitive, and we can win this race! If I win, I will be the first woman and Democrat to hold this seat.

We are working hard. We cannot win without funds to reach voters, and we have been outraised. You can help us by donating:

When is the election?

Ballots will land in mailboxes approximately October 10, which is the first day you can vote. The last day to vote is November 8. 

You can vote in person or by mail. Check the Registrar of Voters website for more info and where you can vote in person:

What are your priorities?
  • I am endorsed by environmental groups, labor groups, firefighters, and gun violence prevention groups because they recognize my values and priorities align with theirs. Check out a list of my endorsements by clicking here.
  • My priorities are jobs, climate change mitigation, water infrastructure and diversification, healthcare access for seniors, veterans, and Spanish-speaking folks, sheltering our neighbors, county-wide broadband, district-wide school transport, and accelerating affordable housing.
  • I will ensure that North County gets its fair share of the $7.36B county budget to keep our communities safe and healthy.
  • I will take bold action to reduce the effects of climate change by protecting our beaches from coastal erosion and preserving our inland areas from overdevelopment in high-wildfire risk areas. I will ensure our firefighters have the tools and resources they need and partner with them to keep the public safe.
  • I will improve government effectiveness in reducing homelessness by promoting community partnerships and collaborations that prioritize low-barrier entry for families, seniors, and veterans.
  • I will slash red tape to accelerate affordable housing by incentivizing smart growth permitting and development.
  • I am committed to bringing back school buses to provide safe transport to our kids, reduce traffic, reduce greenhouse gasses, and enable more women to contribute to our local economy.
  • I will cut commute times and traffic congestion by creating jobs in growth industries in the district.
How do you feel about national or hot-button issues?

This is a local race, and the Board of Supervisors has limited jurisdiction over some of these issues.

I am pro-choice and believe abortion is healthcare. My opponent has voted against reproductive choice.

I favor responsible gun ownership and common sense gun laws and am endorsed by national and local gun violence prevention groups. The local gun lobby endorses my opponent.

I’m struggling too with the high cost of gas, and electric vehicles are too expensive for most of us, so they are not the sole answer to reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). Public transit has to make sense for the region it proposes to serve. Getting cars and light trucks off the road by returning school buses for transport is a less costly and easier way to reduce GHGs, reduce traffic congestion, and keep our kids safer than large infrastructure plans that may or may not appropriately serve the area’s people.

I am vaccinated, as is my entire family. People respond better to carrots rather than sticks. We need to incentivize people to vaccinate and help educate them to understand the benefits better. Mask wearing and handwashing reduce disease spread.

Who are you taking money from and how much?

I have approximately 550 unique donors. My campaign finance filings are public records, as are all filings for all candidates.

I signed the no fossil fuel money pledge.

I can accept contributions from individuals; the maximum is $900.00 per person for the primary election and $900.00 per person for the general election, for a total of $1800.00 per person for this race. Candidates for this race can also accept $28,700 from their political party. If the Democratic Party offers me that money, I will accept it. I am a Democrat. My opponent has already received $28,700 from the Republican Party.

My average donation is $136.00, while my opponent’s average donation is $461.00. We have been outraised, but I have no doubt we will outwork and outsmart him. 

There is an independent expenditure open against my opponent by SEIU Local 221. There is no limit to the amount that may be given to that PAC. David Lagstein is the contact point. I am prohibited from coordinating with that effort, but I can refer folks for more information. This serves as a referral. 

What have you done on the Vallecitos Water Board, and what happens if you are elected to the Board of Supervisors?

On the Vallecitos Water District Board, I Chair the Policy, Public Awareness, and Personnel Committee (P3), and I serve on the Finance Committee. In my capacity as chair of the P3 committee and in collaboration with staff, I have created a more inclusive hiring process by modifying the employment application to include “non-binary” as a gender designation. I have expanded job opportunities by partnering with Palomar College and creating an internship pipeline at Vallecitos. I have spearheaded a scholarship award process that awarded $1200.00 to 5 students at local high schools, community colleges, and universities. I have promoted water education by collaborating with a local education provider for specialized programming at a local elementary school. 

I have initiated actions that directly fight climate change. I have shepherded through a single-use plastics reduction resolution in support of the City of San Marcos’ efforts. Importantly, this resolution codified reduced single-use plastics at the Vallecitos Water District. I wrote Climate Change into the 2022 Strategic Plan as a challenge to be acknowledged and accounted for in District focus, planning, and actions going forward. I spearheaded a resolution recognizing June as Pride month at Vallecitos to attract top and diverse talent and create a more inclusive work environment. I voted twice against turning off constituents’ water for failure to pay during the height of the COVID-19 shutdowns and job losses. I voted twice to return surplus monies to rate-payers during the height of COVID-19 shutdowns and job losses. I voted in favor of incentivizing employees to get vaccinated against COVID-19. I voted to provide inflation-relief checks and return surplus monies to employees. 

If I am elected to the Board of Supervisors, I will resign my seat on the Vallecitos Water District and the seat will be filled by appointment.

How can I attend an event and meet Tiffany?

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How can I volunteer for the campaign?

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